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How to Password Protect MS Word 2007 Document?

When you work on a shared computer i.e. a computer that multiple users use, then you should protect your documents or files with passwords. Say, if you have sensitive information in some of your Word 2007 documents, then you can try to password protect Word 2007 since by doing this, you can well prevent any intruder accesses to delete or modify the content, or steal information.

Fortunately, Microsoft Word integrates a security feature and allows users to create password to protect the file from being viewed, or modified. This feature is pretty useful, but for some people may not know how to perfectly use this function. Therefore, this article focuses on how to set password Word 2007 document for people who are in need.


To add a password to Word 2007 document, we can easily complete it with Microsoft Word integrated security features in 2 ways. Please just follow the below points.

protect word 2007 password


Way 1: Password protect Word 2007 from “Save As”


Way 2: Set password for Word 2007 document from “Prepare”



That’s it, all for Word 2007 password protect. However, many people may have such doubt: If I forgot my Word 2007 password, then can I still open the file? Well, first, when you are in such situation, don’t worry. Next, I will show you the exact solution to forgotten Word 2007 password problem.


How to recover Word 2007 password after it is forgotten or lost?


Well, to recover a forgotten Word 2007 password, as well as other editions of Word, one can use a professional Word password recovery tool like Word Password Recovery Standard orProfessional.


This is a very famous and effective third-party application to quickly retrieve and remove forgotten Word password with 100% accuracy and full recovery rate. With advanced built-in brute-force attack technique and GPU acceleration technology, it provides users with pretty fast recovery. Why not have a try?


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